Vinyl Application

To apply the vinyl yourself, follow our steps below.

Step 1

Clean the surface that you will be applying your vinyl decal to.

Your decal consists of three separate pieces: the transfer tape, the vinyl decal, and the backing paper.

Step 2

Apply a piece of masking tape or painters tape to each corner on the top of your decal and adjust until your graphic is level and centered to where you want.

Step 3

When the graphic is placed correctly, apply a long strip of tape vertically down the center of the graphic, creating a “hinge”.

Step 4

Remove the left piece of masking tape, then separate the transfer tape and the vinyl decal from the backing paper. Carefully cut off the backing paper using scissors. DO NOT cut the vinyl decal or the transfer tape.

Step 5

Hold the vinyl graphic and transfer tape away from the surface. Begin squeegeeing with the edge of a credit card from the centre out, moving first horizontally and then upward and downward out from the center, in a sweeping motion. slowly marrying the vinyl decal to the surface. Once completed, remove the centre hinge and repeat on the opposite side.

Step 6

Slowly remove the transfer tape from the decal at a 45° degree angle, while keeping the transfer tape flush to the surface. This helps prevent the decal from being pulled up by the transfer tape. Be careful not to lift part of the vinyl design. If it sticks to the transfer tape, put the tape back on the surface and use the credit card again.